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sacred women's circle's

Each time women come together in a sacred circle, not only do we heal each other, but the world heals a little more 

Emma and Susy’s paths crossed one summer morning on the beach at sunrise. Emma had been meditating when she was guided to head to the ocean. Susy was also guided to go to the beach, and as soon as they saw each other, they knew that universe had brought them together at this moment for a reason.

As they walked along the ocean with their dogs, Susy shared how she wanted to start women’s circles. Emma also shared her dream of holding women’s circles and how she wanted to bring shamanic sound healing to the circles. Susy shared her love for writing guided meditations, so it was here that the first circle was born.

Emma and Susy are so deeply passionate about this work. They feel women need this in their lives. Women need to be held, supported and heard in a loving and safe space. Sister circles are one of the oldest ways for women to connect and these powerful and transformational practices are now coming back to the modern day. 

We can’t wait to hold space for you,

Emma & Susy xo

breathwork facilitator

Susy is a breathwork facilitator, author, meditation teacher and women’s circle’s facilitator.

Susy trained as a breathwork facilitator with The Sacred Breath Academy is and passionate about bringing this healing modality to Perth.

intuitive healer

Emma is a shamanic reiki healer, and a women’s circle’s facilitator

Emma has been guided by a shaman for the last five years and is extremely passionate about holding sacred space for peoples healing.



We are two soul sisters on a mission to empower and awaken women to the calling of their soul.

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